Why Clay?

I will try to add short writings to this blog time by time. The subject will not be technical but related to ceramics.
I want to explain why I like clay and pottery in this post.
There are several reasons: I love plants. They are innocent. Maybe because they don't have hands to do wrong and no tong to tell lies or hurt one. I love to watch plants when I plant them in my pots.
I love music and I have lots of time to listen to music while working.
I love solitude and thinking. I find plenty of time to think when I work. 
But maybe the main reason comes back to the nature of the very Clay by itself. Clay talks to the potter. It has secrets to tell you. Secrets about the nature of the most fundamental elements of life: time, space, colors, light, satisfaction, fearing, regretting,  hopping, wishing, waiting, watching and happiness: There's one secret that impress me the most: inevitability. Inevitability is the most original trait of the life and the world; I believe. Time never goes back, we have to accept everything just the way it is. This seems very simple, but it is a very important rule of physics, the entropy principle. When a pot is cracked we can never fix it completely as the former shape.
Clay is the most honest friend of mine. Clay has stories to narrate and I love stories and narrators.
Maybe back to you with a story later, who knows?